My Life

yeaHey ! 🙂 so I choose the topic “my life”.. My life had changed a lot after I discovered this cool band. Its called 5 Seconds Of Summer. Personally, they are more than just a band to me realbandsavesfanBefore that, allow me to introduce each of the band members . 5 Seconds Of Summer was originally from the country of kangaroos, yes, Australia ! There are 3 people in the band, at first . Which is: Michael Gordon Clifford, Lucas(Luke) Robert Hemmings and Calum Thomas Hood Luke started singing covers and post it on Youtube with the account named Hemmo1996. After that Calum and Michael joined him . and Michael said “Hey, Let’s Make A Band!” . And that is how 5 Seconds Of Summer was made . Don’t ask why is it called “5 Seconds Of Summer” I have no idea too . 😛 But slowly they realized they need a drummer ! So, Ashton Fletcher Irwin joined the band! 3 December 2011 is when the band 5 Seconds Of Summer was officially formed !

whatThis is their first band photo! 

5 Seconds Of Summer went from nothing to something. Their journey from being zero to hero really inspired me. They showed me that dream can be achieved if you take some courage and put some effort to it. Nothing is impossible in this world. 5SOS started as small tiny band where nobody recognize and look at them now, they have their own songs, albums and even their own official book! They no longer have to perform at pub because they have their own concert. And now, they have their own tour 🙂

lalala 5 Seconds Of Summer Official Book                  5sos-album-cover-deluxe 5 Seconds Of Summer self-titled album ( deluxe )
A good friend of mine gave this to me 🙂 dearest At first no one could dare to believe that these 4 guys can succeed in the world of entertainment. But they took a lot of courage which is dropping out of school and focus on their music career. They put a lot of effort. They did a lot of band practice and they started to write songs! Their first song was Too Late written by Calum Hood which is now the bassist of 5SOS. After that, they got invited to a radio station and slowly, day by day, they grew bigger . Their fan base also got bigger and bigger 🙂

” Real Band Saves Fans, Real Fans Save Band”  -Michael G. Clifford



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